Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am just getting used to this thing called "blogging" and I see I should have started with Anna and finished with William. But oh well, live and learn.

Next in line is Anna Montgomery. She was our gift to us after a terrible loss of a baby in the 2nd trimester. She had a head full of black hair when she was born. She is all girl and is the baby of the family.William told me that I don't spank her enough and I would have never allowed him to get away with the things I allow her to get away with. She does well in school, loves to teach herself things and really knows how to hold her own. She and Win have a special relationship.

Davis comes in next in the menagerie. He is a sweet, artist and loud boy. He is 13 and in the 7th grade. He is a typical middle child. He argues with all of us. He seems to know already what he wants to do in life and I pray that God uses him mightily. He has a grasp on Reform Theology that I didn't have until my mid 30's.

Meet my Menagerie

I thought I would begin by introducing my menagerie. I will begin with our first child - William. He is a great young man. He is 15, in the 10th grade and is your typical first born. He is eager to do what is right, plays by the rules and rules his two siblings. He is also a great violin player. I hate the thought that he only has 2 1/2 years left before he finishes high school. I think he understands me better than I know.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Beginning

The Beginning

I have thought about blogging for a while now but like many others have wondered if I really have anything to say that others might be willing to read. And it dawned on me recently that I want to write about "my menagerie" - the people and animals that I live with, who struggle to live with me. So here it goes. Now I have to learn to post pictures. I hope you find me and my menagerie interesting.