Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Beginning

The Beginning

I have thought about blogging for a while now but like many others have wondered if I really have anything to say that others might be willing to read. And it dawned on me recently that I want to write about "my menagerie" - the people and animals that I live with, who struggle to live with me. So here it goes. Now I have to learn to post pictures. I hope you find me and my menagerie interesting.


Princess Of Pink said...

Oh Beth, you will find enough to write about once you just start doing it! I too thought what is so interesting about me to write down, but there is SO much you can! Write about day to day life, places you go to, crafts you do,friends you meet. Write about books you like, movies, talks, whatever. Then you realize one day you're addicted and need the time to STOP writing, lol.

Hugs and keep working on it. I will try to keep checking this blog.

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy 3 from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Glad you've joined us! I don't blog as much as I did at first, but hope to get more into it again. I think I'll take Marian's suggestions to heart! :)


applesofgold said...

Welcome to blogging! Make yourself at home, you are going to love it. It's your own little space in the cyber world to decorate and dream and write as you like. Enjoy!

M.K. said...

Great! I'm glad you've finally taken the plunge, Beth. I'll add you to my google reader and enjoy EVERY post :)

Ellen said...

Beth, I am trying to catch up on reading blogs...I haven't read in days and days. I enjoyed reading about all of your kids. You have beautiful kids!