Saturday, April 25, 2009

A busy day

Today has gotten off to a busy start and it only promises to get busier. I had the kids most of their Saturday chores today so that we can be ahead of the game.

Win has Reserves this weekend so he is gone.

William is headed to Youth Symphony where he plays each Saturday. He has been with this symphony since 7th grade. They practice each Saturday morning and have 2 concerts, one at Christmas and one on Mother's Day. After the Mother's Day concert they will be off for the Summer until the weekend after Labor Day. This is a great program for him. The Montgomery Symphony has lots of money and they are always willing to give it away. They allow the kids in this program to apply for scholarships each quarter and the kids can use that money for lessons, instrument rental or camps. It has helped us out so much with paying for his violin lessons. When William returns this afternoon he will finish up any chores he has and be free for the afternoon.

Davis has to finish his chores which include the yard.

I have Anna working now and then she has a softball game and I have to work her concession stand during the game.

We are going to grill out some chicken tonight for dinner and eat on the patio. It should be a nice way to end a busy day and to prepare us for worship tomorrow.

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