Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time for a change

When my weight loss journey began I thought I would walk and do Weight Watchers and that would be enough. It would be all I would want to do and no more. But I have found that my body needs to be tricked at times and walking only produces the excitement and desire to take the exercise routine to a new level.

I have hit another plateau so something had to be done. I had a 3 pound gain last week and this week I lost only 1 pound so I knew that my body was settling in and I need to shake things up.

Well, that is what me and my partner have done, we have taken our exercise to a new place. While I was recovering from my surgery Deana began a walk/run routine at the YMCA. So, now I have joined her. I had to or she would have ran and left me!

So, yesterday we moved to the Y and are now on the treadmill. I walked for 1 minute and ran for 1 1/2 minutes and we did this for a half hour. After the first half hour we walked for another half hour. I couldn't believe that I was running. I haven't ran in decades. And it felt great! So great I went out afterwards and bought me better shorts to run in.

I ran! This fat girl, going on former fat girl, ran. So, off we go. To lose the rest of our weight and run/walk into a new lifestyle.

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