Saturday, May 23, 2009

School is out

Yesterday was the last day of school. It was also the last day of the school play and Davis was in the play this year. They did "Meet me in St. Louis". He was in the chorus. He was disappointed that he didn't get a leading part but I tried to explain to him that those rolls are for the older kids, he is only in the 7th grade.

I love for school to be out. We have put off our vacation this year because of my mother's house. We bought a new computer instead and will hopefully take a few days and go to the beach. I want to do some projects around our house so we will be busy with that and Anna is on the swim team at YMCA and that should take up a good bit of time.

I am still running on the treadmill. This week I had to run for 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds and then run for 3 minutes and walk 3 minutes until I reached 20 minutes. That might not sound like much but I can tell you it is a lot. Next week I have to up the running to 5 minutes. I stalled in my weight loss so I am praying this running gets my body going again. I have lost 68 pounds so far.

Well, off to get ready to go and help hang sheet rock at my mother's house.

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