Friday, May 8, 2009

What a day

Yesterday, here in Montgomery we had flash flooding. We had about 10 inches of rain in just under an hour. We have new water behind the liner of our pool because there was so much rain in our yard.

But the real tragedy of this was my mother's house. It had about a foot of water come in and all of my family had to gather to get her stuff out and get the water out. I was assigned to be with her. She is 75 years old and this was very hard on her. She cried all day. She is a pack rat and that only made cleaning out her house all the worse. My brothers, sister, sister in laws, brother in law, husband, children, nieces and nephews were all there working until after dark. It will be at least 3 months before she can return. She and her two little dogs are at my brother's house. I thought I would have some pictures but Davis only took pictures of the back yard. Maybe today when I go over there I can take some of her empty house.

There was a man in Montgomery whose car was swept away and he drown. Many roads are out and some are still flooded.

What a day.

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