Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today is really Friday

That is how my children put it when we have a day off of school on Friday. This is our Fall break. We are out of school tomorrow and Monday. We are glad for the break. It is needed. I have a project for me and the kids to complete and I will give them free time. I think William is going to work at my brother's farm ( on Friday. William is taking the SAT on Saturday and working that afternoon for a family friend. Monday is going to be an extra day of rest and play. Anna is headed to a friends house this afternoon for a spend the night party. She should a nice few days.

Our Headmaster has a theory. He says at this point in the school year, everyone needs a day off, a break in the schedule. I agree. Looking forward to next few days, having the kids around and not having to maintain the same schedule.

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