Saturday, April 3, 2010

I hope I am back

If there is anyone left reading this blog, forgive me for dropping it like a hot potato. I have no excuse.

What have I been up to? Well, still working on my weight. I am at a 93 pound loss as of last Monday. I met with a personal trainer and she re-did my exercise routine and she had me go off Weight Watchers for a little while and "tighten" up my calories for a period of time. It has been good to change things around a bit and I have lost 6 pounds since making the change. Don't think for a minute that I have forsaken WW. I am completely sold on the program and hope that in the very near future I will work for the organization. But watching my calorie intake has been a good change for me and has helped me. These last 20-25 pounds are so hard to get rid of and this change has been good.

I have also gone to work. I am now a Member Services person at the YMCA. The one I work out at. I like my job and am grateful for it. It has helped fill a hole that was in our budget and help us get ready to send William off to college in a year and half. But working has also been an adjustment. My house is not running as smooth as I would like it run so maybe in the near future I will find my groove and things will go more smoothly.

Davis turned 15 in February. He got his driving permit and his life guard certification. He wants to work at one of the Country Clubs here in town but right now that is on hold. So he is hoping the Y will hire him. I think that will be more likely. He doesn't like being taught anything and that make teaching him to drive difficult. He takes instruction as criticism instead of teaching.

Anna turned 10 in February. The day of her birthday I realized that Win and I have no longer have any children in single digit numbers. We have crossed a milestone in parenting. We have less parenting to do (in years). But we also know that the parenting we have left is intense, difficult and oh so important.

Win is going to be gone all summer. He is doing a remote assignment with the Reserves. Now before you go and feel sorry for him, hold on, he is going to Florida, the Ft. Walton area. He will be gone for 90 days. Hopefully this will help him get promoted to Colonel. Now if he can start and finish Air War College, he will be set.

I will try and do better on this blog. I have several things I want to write about and maybe I will accomplish it soon.

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