Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a weekend

We have so many things going on this weekend and we all seem to be going in different directions.

Win and Davis are heading to a camp for the weekend. It is called Outback America. Win took William when he was in the 7th grade. It is for parents and children, husbands and wives or families. It really sparked a lot of group in William's relationship with the Lord. If you think about it pray for them this weekend.

Anna - she is headed to Win's mother house for an overnight. This will be her first time to spend the night since my father in law passed away last summer.

Beth - I am headed to meet up with some girls from college and we are headed back to our college for a reunion weekend. It should be a blast. I will be back on Saturday night.

William - he has plans with some friends on Friday night but he can't stay out too late because he is taking the ACT on Saturday. He is working hard to get his scores up.

Pray we all return healthy and safe and that the Lord will bless us.

1 comment:

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