Saturday, October 17, 2009

Went shopping

My friend, Deana, has told me that one way to deal with my discouragement over my weight not changing was to go shopping. So yesterday she and I did just that. I call her my "personal shopper" because I can shop so much better when I am with her.

When I started this journey last year, the shorts I was wearing was a size 24w. My jeans were 22 and 24. Yesterday the tops I bought were a large (I was wearing a 3x) and the pants I bought were either 14 or 16. I can't believe I have gone down that much in my size but I have. I wore some 14 shorts this summer but mainly were at a 16.

My children told me that week that not only do I look like I have lost weight lately but they think my body shape has changed. I think getting up at 4:45 2 days a week and getting the YMCA for a gravity class (Total Gym machine) has played a part in that. That class is shaping my body and working the muscles. We also got a class in this morning.

So, I am feeling better about myself.

The picture above is of a friend and I, her name is Christy. We celebrated our birthdays with a nice dinner out.

I think it has been a good week.


Karen said...

Congratulations!! What food plan are you using?
Ladybug Creek

Beth Johnson said...

I use Weight Watchers and I also make my evening using this is a great source for menues and they make it so easy for you by giving you a shopping list.


M.K. said...

And the cool thing is, Beth, that at a size 14, you are NORMAL size for American women! I think that's cool -- NO MORE being a "large" woman!

applesofgold said...

Congratulations! I started out in a 14/16 and am now in an 8 with weight watchers....when I got married, I was in a 4/6. I'm going to get there. It's taken alot of work...and the scales stopped going down for me so I took a break too. It worked because a few weeks later, I started losing again. You are doing great! Keep it up!

hk_seo said...