Monday, December 8, 2008

39 pounds

13 weeks ago I began my journey to lose 100 pounds. I am doing Weight Watchers and walking. I have a friend who is also doing this with me and we are holding each other accountable. We have had moments of frustration and elation and we have walked many a mile. But the pounds are coming off.

I didn't really realize how bad my weight had gotten until I saw a picture of myself and I went to the doctor. All my numbers were good but my doctor was very honest with me and told me that my numbers would not stay good. In the coming few years I would be dealing with some serious health issues. She was my wake up call.

This morning when I did my weekly weight in and I reached the 39 pound mark. I am very excited. I would love to reach 50 by January 1 but I am not going to be disappointed if that doesn't happen. That goal will come in its due time.

This whole process has been a family affair. My children and husband have cheered me on, encouraged me and watched me as I have measured my food. They are happy for me and I like having them with me on this journey. That is what family are for - to hold each other up and see each other through.

So on this cold Alabama morning after I take the Menagerie to school I will meet my friend at the park to walk. She is good therapy for me.


M.K. said...

Wow, Beth - that is great! I'm proud of you. That has to be about the hardest thing to do, IMO. Congratulations - keep us posted!

applesofgold said...

That is amazing progress! If I could just put down the cookies and just take a walk when I get stressed out or bored, I'd shed a few pounds myself. I am proud of you! Keep Going! You are doing great!