Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am about give out!! We have had people at our house for several days. Part of my family on Christmas morning, Win's family on Christmas night and my whole extended family last night. I plan on doing nothing today. We are going to eat left overs for several days. I am back to counting points and pray that I didn't gain any weight. My walking partner is out of town starting today and into next week so I am alone in exercising. I think I will ride Win's bike around our neighborhood. 50 pounds here I come!

I think My Menagerie had a nice Christmas. We really don't mind giving them several things at Christmas because Win and I are not one to give them things throughout the year. I told each one that we would do some clothes shopping after the holiday. I think that will wait until next week.

William, our oldest has a dance he is going to tonight. He dragged his feet on asking someone and now he is going alone. Win and I gave him a time table in asking someone and he let that pass without a date. He did ask one young lady but she said she and her parents had decided that she would not attend. This decision was already made before he asked her. I think he was slack on this matter because the one girl he really wanted to take to the dance is out of town this weekend. Live and learn, that is what he is doing.

I am going to get Win to help me with learning how to post the pictures. Thanks MK for the instructions. So then all the photos I have of my Menagerie in my camera can be posted.

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