Saturday, December 6, 2008


OK, I will admit it. We only bought a digital camera this summer when Win was headed to China. I have hardly looked at it since much less learn how to do things with. So I started this blog and was able to download the first few pictures but grew very frustrated on Monday when I tried to post a picture of our cat Alton with the new scratching pad. I just about gave up blogging because of this. Maybe I will arrive with some patience and figure out how to post pictures.

In the mean time, my Menagerie has been busy. We took our newest kitten, Lucy to the vet and she had 3 shots. The vet said she would feel bad and boy was he right. She wanted nothing to do with no one and let us all know it by growling at us when we touched her. She is about 12 weeks old and weights 3.5 pounds.

Our oldest and dearest cat Calico, is looking terrible. She is almost 18. I took her to the vet a few weeks ago and he said she was fine just an old lady. We may go back and see the vet this coming week.

William, Davis and Anna are all playing in a Christmas recital today. William is playing his violin with a friend ours who is playing her flute. Davis and Anna will each play a piece of Christmas music on the piano. Our piano teacher always arranges a Christmas recital at an Assisted Living. William and Cary will also play their piece tomorrow night at our church.

So, I will take my frustrated self and go have another cup of coffee....

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applesofgold said...

Do you by chance have a program like Picasa downloaded on your computer? It's free. And it makes blogging with pictures really really easy. All you do is stick your memory card in the computer, it loads the pictures. Then you chose what picture you want to add to your blog, then click the "Blog This" button.