Monday, February 9, 2009

50 Pounds!

On this day - February 9, 2009, 5 months from the day I began, I have hit the 50 pound mark. These last few pounds have been hard to shed. So, now I have 50 to go and the deadline is September 9, 2009. At times it feels daunting but I just tell myself to continue doing what I am doing - walking in self control and exercising and most importantly -- Praying.

This whole journey is more than just losing weight. My friend and I have really been diligent about taking inventory of our lives as we walk and lose weight. We are working on our attitudes and our reactions to things that happen and to people. This weight loss is as much about my spiritual life as it is about my physical life. They go hand in hand.

So, as my friend reminded me, I am on the down hill slide. I pray the pounds just peeling off and I reach my goal - 100 pounds!

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Kate/Susan said...

Congratulations! What an achievement! It took me 6 months, so you're doing even better than I did!!! WOO HOO!