Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can hardly walk!

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer. She is someone whom I have done a "boot camp" with last year. I contracted with her for an hour and she set me up a workout routine using weights, a 62 cm ball and a chair. She gave me about 6-8 different exercises to do at least three times a week. This is to go along with my walking.

Well, since my workout with her yesterday, just so she could show me the routine, I have been so sore. I found some new muscles and today they are talking to me. Just to sit down is a chore. But this is great. Muscle confusion. My 5 mile walk this morning was tough since I am so sore but I was glad for the soreness.

She thinks this should jump start my metophilism and get my weight to falling off again. I have only lost 2 pounds in the month of January.

I will meet with her again in about 6-8 weeks and she will change up my routine and add to it. But for now, just going to the bathroom is hard!!

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