Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break and a slight gain

It is Spring Break for my children in my menagerie. We have no plans except to get some things done around the house. William was sick this weekend and now I am feeling the effects of it as well - like a truck hit me a few times! It has been raining for 3 days and so we are all home today, except for Win. He is our benefactor so he must go to work.

I didn't reach the 60 pound mark today. I actually gained a pound but I know why - I started my cycle and that always brings a slight weight gain. Actually when I was not watching what I ate, I would gain up to 6 pounds, so a gain of only 1 is good. My friend and partner on this journey, Deana, hit the 50 pound mark today. I am so happy for her. She looks wonderful. She has about 15 pounds to go before she reaches what she thinks might be a goal. If she gets to her ultimate goal before me, she will continue on the journey - for her friend's sake. We are in this together.

She sent me a picture of myself from when we were in Community Bible Study together. I will post it with a current picture soon.

So, I am going to crawl back into the bed and pray I don't get any sicker.

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