Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is how sick I have been

  • I didn't have any coffee yesterday and my coffee this morning didn't taste that good.
  • My diet coke has a funny taste to it
  • I ate a Hardee's Thickburger for dinner last night and it tasted good. I still stayed under my points for the day. I had hardly eaten all day.

William shared his flu/serve cold with all of us except Win. I came down with it Monday after I walked and took Anna ice skating at the mall. When I came home I crawled back into the bed and stayed until this morning. Anna and Davis also came down with it on Monday. Davis and William seemed to have a mild case of it but it hit Anna and I hard. She ran a temp of 102 for a good while. I think if I wouldn't have felt so bad myself I would have taken her to the doctor. Of course during all this Win was out of town. On one hand that has been good, it keeps him well and on the other hand he has not been here to help. He comes home tonight. Perfect timing.

All this during our Spring Break. But really that has been good since the kids would have needed to stay home from school and they would have gotten behind on their work.

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