Monday, March 23, 2009

This is huge!

I think between being sick last week and a few other things, my body really responded, without any help from me - because I lost 7 pounds this past week. Bring my total to 64 pounds since September 8, 2008. My partner, Deana lost 1 pound bringing her total to 51 pounds. We are on a roll.

I am a single parent this week. Win is gone this week and next week to another military base to do 2 weeks of Reserve Duty. We will miss him. His dog Jack will really miss him. I think Jack knew something was up this weekend because he stuck to Win like glue.


Kate/Susan said...

Wow! Congrats, Beth! I expect you to go on ahead of me soon! :-) Hope you are feeling better.

Andrea said...

Beth, I saw your post on Mitford. I will remember you. I can relate. I have been through it. God will take care of you. He always has us in the palm of His hand. Many blessings.