Monday, September 14, 2009

On our own

Win left today heading to Panama City Beach, FL. He is going to be working at Tyndale AFB from now on with the Reserves. The unit he was with at Maxwell, AFB here in Montgomery was a unit that required that he work one weekend a month. He has been with that unit for 10 years. He said he is tired of doing the "weekend thing" and needed a change. He can telecommute with this new job and will need to go down there each September for the last 2 week of the month to finish out the physical year. He will come home this weekend and then head back on Monday morning.

So, while he is away I have to deal with all three children, all the time. The boys are at an age that I can't physically punish them so I have to do it other ways. And they can sometimes take advantage of that fact. Like tonight when they would not stop bickering. I had to raise my voice just to be heard.

Life with three children, on my own. I don't like it one bit.

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