Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Summer continued...

August - This month found us wanting to go to the beach but not sure if we should since Win's dad had really taken a turn for the worse. But someone offered us a condo down in Florida and we took it. We got away the week before school started. It was so nice, as you can see the white sands. We all relaxed and had a great time.

Win's dad, our Papa, Lynwood Scott Johnson, was doing OK but not great. He was sitting at the table eating on Tuesday, August 11. That night he took a turn for the worse and on Wednesday he went into a coma and passed away on August 13th. The Lord was gracious to us since that was the first day of school. Win and I took the kids to our favorite local restaurant for breakfast that morning and then I took Anna to school. William drove him and Davis to the school. I then went to Win's parents house. Win went on to his office and around noon I called him to come to their house, the end was near. The kids arrived there around 12:15 and Lynwood passed away at 1:45. He was 93 years old. We were all with him, his wife of 63 years, his two sons, their wives and 4 of his grandchildren.

This picture is of William. He is 16 and is in the 11th grade.

This is Anna and she is 9 and in 4th grade.

This is Davis and he is 14 and is in the 8th grade.

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