Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Christmas present

When we bought this house we went down in square footage. So I have been working on how to make my furniture fit into this house. One of the things I did was take my small dinning room and turn it into our study/office. Before I made this change I had book cases built into the walls of what was our living room/study then I saw that that was not working to I switched the rooms. Now we have a large dinning room and a nice size study. It really works out great. It puts our computer right off the kitchen so I can be on it and still be in the center of things and it puts our boys on the computer right in the center of things too.

So, all that to say - for Christmas I wanted an over head light for Christmas. Since there was no light there in the first place this would be a job for an electrician. And my sister just happens to be married to one. So yesterday Jerry and his worker came out and ran the electricity and installed my light. Now we have a beautiful over head lite.
You might think, "why would she want to do this now," well a few years back when Win and I put in new counter tops in our kitchen we did away with our breakfast room area. So every night we eat in our dinning room. When Spring comes we will eat on our patio outside.

I am so happy to have this light up and shinning. It made such a huge difference in the room. Before we just had lamps to eat by. Now over head lights.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice looking light! You must have a very thoughtful husband.