Tuesday, January 6, 2009


That is how I feel right now. I am stalled at 44 pounds. I gained about 1 1/2 pounds the week of Christmas and then lost them back last week so I remain at 44 pounds. So, I press on. Walked 5 miles yesterday, stayed under the points allotted and today is a new day. I had hoped to be at 50 pounds by next week but hopefully that will have to wait a week.

So, I head to the park to meet my partner and walk our 5 miles. I just pray the rain has left the area and we can get the miles in. We hate to make up miles but we do because we are committed to walking off these pounds.


M.K. said...

Beth - I read a blog by Barbara Curtis, a Catholic lady. Her blog is www.mommylife.net. She's been dieting to lose 100 lbs for quite a while. I think she's lost 90. As of the new years, she's got 50 (I think) of her blog friends also dieting with her! She doesn't do weight watchers, but just reading her dieting thoughts might give you more motivation. And her Before/After pictures are also inspiring!

Beth Johnson said...

I will check her blog out.

I have a "before" picture and I might go ahead and post a "right now" and before. I even did a search on your blog to see that picture of Adam and I from this summer when the kids and I were at your house. I think I went on to gain 5-10 pounds after that picture was taken.