Saturday, January 10, 2009

Polly Kate

This is our cat Polly Kate. She is a unique cat. We call her "cat dog" because she will lick us like a dog. I got her from an older lady who had a bunch stray cats that lived at her house. I thought I would get an orange cat from her but we couldn't catch the orange one. We saw this little ball of fur on the porch and the lady said "that cat is feisty, she is serious about her food". Polly Kate had an eye infection and we looked at her, put her down and went home.

When we got home I found some old antibotic in our refrigerator. I was going to take it to the lady because Polly Kate would lose her vision if this infection was not stopped. Win said, "that lady won't give that kitten that medicine, you either have to go by there every day and give it to her or go and bring that kitten home." So, I went back to Mrs. Jones house and got that kitten.
She would growl when we fed her because she was so hungry and she was so used to being hungry. But she soon stopped doing this because I think she realized that food was always around for her.

She loves me and I really love her. Anna named her. I affectionately call myself "momma cat" to her and I refer to Win as "Tom Cat" to her. She acts like she understands. She will let William hold her in very strange positions. Only he can hold her like this.
She doesn't like for me to raise my voice. If I am yelling at the kids, she will come to me and stretch up and touch my hand to get my attention. If I am raising my voice at Win she will do the same thing. Sometimes she will lick my face if she can reach it. If Anna is yelling or crying, she will bit Anna. I think the Lord uses Polly Kate to help me control myself and stop yelling. Something I am always working on in my life.

Polly Kate has gray, orange and white. Our other calico has black, orange and white. After we had had her for a few months we took her back by Mrs. Jones house and Mrs. Jones said to Polly Kate "you are a rich cat now". So sometimes we will remind her of this.

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